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Alexandra Negrei

Project Coordinator

Volunteering, non-formal education and useful activities for the community are just a few aspects of my work place! When I’m thinking about my job I see a space full of beautiful people, joy, gratitude and happiness. Lifelong learning is my motivation and I encourage everybody to embrace it every minute of every day!

Florentina Mărcuş

Project Coordinator

I love life and I embrace all my experiences through its way with all they are bringing. This field of volunteering adds a lot of beautiful things to my self awareness: creativity, dedication, passion, open mindedness, joy, responsibility and more. All of this helps me to achieve my goals and to contribute to Sighisoara Community in my best way as a gratitude for this beautiful place.

Denisa Feldiorean

Public Relations Coordinator

I am the creative energy, visual arts enthusiast, digital media and communication savvy team player of AUM. I am truly passionate about volunteering and I believe in the power of kindness. I love my job because through it I can bring a positive impact in my hometown community by promoting solidarity and inspiring people to fulfill their potential. :)