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Online Carols night 2020

In 2020 we wanted to stay safe during the restrictions imposed by the global situation, but we still found a way to share the joy of the holidays and continue our Romanian caroling tradition. We filmed, uploaded on our youtube and shared with the community four video clips of our volunteers singing 4 traditional Romanian carols: Colindiţa, Domn Domn, Pe cărarea şerpuită, După datini colindăm. Each of the clips has a theme through which our volunteers were able to share what the winter holidays looked like in their country (landscapes, food, Santa Claus and Christmas trees).

Carols Night and Christmas Fair 2019

In 2019 our European Solidarity Corps volunteers organised for the community a Carols night where they sang one of our most beautiful traditional carols in Romanian. Also, we organised together with our volunteers a Christmas Faire in the Main Square of the Citadel. The volunteers created eco friendly handmade decorations that people could acquire based on donations to support our activity and we had a tree decorations contest. Also, during the fair we gathered presents for Shoebox 2019