Ecologizare + Voluntariat = <3 2021

This year we continue the tradition of organising a cleaning of green spaces in our town. Unfortunately the issue of trash still exists and we believe that it is our responsibility to act and help improve this situation. The event will take place on June 26th from 10:00 AM and it is open to the public. The location that we will help clean of trash is to be announced one week prior to the event, as we asked locals to signal the areas that need cleaning.

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Cleaning through “S.O.S. Sighisoara Renaste! ”

In 2020 we organised 2 cleaning actions with our volunteers and with the community: one in the area of Villa Franka forest and the other one on the green spaces of the Citadel hill. These actions were organised hrough the long term project “S.O.S. Sighisoara Renaste” (EN. S.O.S. Sighisoara Ressurects) which was on the theme of protecting the environment and ecology. The project was written by a team of 5 Sighisoara locals who wanted to make a change and help clean the town of trash and litter, as well as raise awareness and educate the community in the topic of protecting the environment.