What our projects are about

Our projects are thought to help develop individuals and the community through complementary non-formal education methods by addressing certain needs and social issues of our community. These projects are funded and approved by the European Comission through the European Solidarity Corps program and offer an inspiring and empowering experience as well as the chance to bring change while developing your skills and competences.

The project “Voices of the Next Generation: Future Decision-Makers on European Values and Citizenship” is a youth-led project which aims to reinforce the cooperation between youth organizations in order to stimulate/boost active citizenship and participation in democratic processes by supporting youngsters' development and empowering them to become active members of the European Community.

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As the coordinating association, AUM is proud to spearhead the ongoing "ESC Development Strategy Long Term 2022" project, an initiative that embodies our commitment to fostering personal growth, community engagement, and organizational development. Central to the success of this project are the invaluable contributions of our ESC volunteers, who play multifaceted roles in planning, organizing, and delivering a diverse array of activities aimed at enriching the lives of individuals in the Sighisoara and Saschiz communities.

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Youth ON AIR

September 2023

The project provided to a group of 34 youth workers a toolkit of the method which can be experimented with and adapted to individual and organizational needs. A more participatory approach can be adopted by the partner associations as a result of this project and will ensure that their youth workers will listen to actual young people's needs without making assumptions.

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“As a member of the AUM management team, I'm thrilled to look back on the successful implementation of our strategic activities from the TEAMS stage of the project in 2022 and to 2023. These initiatives, encompassing educational programs, summer camps, and public events, represent a significant leap forward in our journey towards achieving our overarching objectives.

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