LOVE Actually! 2020

October - December 2020

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The first stage of the European Solidarity Corps project LOVE Actually! was short-term and it was implemented by 15 volunteers. The project took place between October and December 2020 and it had the theme of healthy lifestyle. Because of the restrictions that the pandemic imposed, the project's activities and schedule were adapted and moved mainly online. During the project we conducted research within the Sighişoara community for youngsters and adults to find out the knowledge and opinion people have on the topic of sexual education. Internally, our volunteers had specialized training on the same topic and learned about the laws related to it. Throughout "November - the month of solidarity for health" we organized an online public health campaign divided into four main topics: hygiene, nutrition, sexual education and mental health.

The campaign targeted young people, mainly high school students. Our volunteers created informative leaflets and articles as well as short videos that were distributed on our private Facebook group "ELEV în Sighişoara". To mark the end of the campaign we published the theatre play Alice in Wonderland, that has been recorded and that raises important topics related to mental health in youngsters (identity, growing up, trust). Also, on November 25th we transmitted LIVE the theater play Manutenzioni Uomini A Nudo to support the efforts against domestic violence against women. Within this project we also included Winter Holidays celebratory activities such as 4 carols video clips uploaded on Youtube and the Shoebox charity event.

Watch Alice in Sighişoara! Click here.