Boomerang 2020

August - September 2020

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The first stage of the European Solidarity Corps project "Boomerang - What goes around comes around" was short-term and it was implemented by 12 volunteers. The project took place between August and September 2020 and it had the theme of anti-bullying. During this project our volunteers organized an online and offline campaign called "Ai curajul să fii bun!" to raise awareness and educate on the phenomenon of bullying, named "Ai curajul să fii bun!". The campaign targeted young people, mainly gymnasium students and highschool students.

In online, we organized 4 competitions, one quizz, published 30 articles informing on the types of bullying and how to deal with it, and published 6 videoclips. The offline activities included distributing leaflets and postcards on the street, 2 peaceful marches on the town's street carrying signs with anti-bullying messages, a photo frame activity that took place in Sighişoara's Citadel, a photo-voice exhibition in the Central Park. We also organized two events: the Jerusalema FlashMob in the Citadel's Main Square and the closing event 5K Run & Walk - 2nd annual edition, through which we also raised funds for printing the two Anti-Bullying guides for teachers and students.

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