Boomerang 2021

January - July 2021

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The second stage of " Boomerang - What comes around goes around" is taking place between January and July 2021 and is being organized by a team of 10 national and international European Solidarity Corps volunteers. The theme is anti-bullying and is targeting the young people of Sighişoara. Our volunteers have been trained on this topic by Cristina Fierbinţeanu, psychologist and coordinator or ARAS România in topics related to teenager brain development and risk behavior, conflict management and assertive communication.

The volunteers are creating a video called "What goes around comes around" about the types of bullying and how to deal with it, with the purpose of offering peer-to-peer information to youngsters that will help bring awareness about bullying and its consequences, that will be watched by students in school and will also be published on our private Facebook group "ELEV în Sighişoara". The series will be promoting respect, kindness and open mindedness and self-love. Also, we will be creating short video content for our TikTok channel. In summer we will be organizing two non-formal education summer camps for teenagers (7-9 years old and 10-11 years old).