My Europe

Apr – Jul 2022

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The project My Europe was thought and written together with a volunteer from France of the AUM association with the aim of offering the young people of Sighisoara various opportunities to develop their civic sense, to know more information about Europe in general, to use the methods non-formal education to convey useful information about European values such as tolerance, acceptance and solidarity.

The project was implemented for four months in Sighisoara, Romania and through the activities carried out it managed to achieve all its pre-established objectives.
Our partner in this project was an association from France, Center européen Robert Schuman (CERS), sending association of the 3 young volunteers Anouck, Apoline and Gaelle, association that supported the volunteers with technical information for carrying out the activities.
Approximate number of participants/beneficiaries (children, young people and adults) of the May 9 event: 250 people
Approximate number of beneficiaries of the non-formal education workshops: 18 workshops carried out * 25 students = 450 students
Number of children and young beneficiaries of the summer camps: 4 camps * 30 children = 120 participants
Approximately 60 podcast views so far.