Colinele Transilvaniei de la cultură la natură

May - October 2021

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Asociatia AUM started implementing a new project called “Colinele Transilvaniei de la cultură la natură” (EN: Transylvania Highlands from culture to nature), in partnership with Fundaţia ADEPT Transilvania, Asociaţia Mioritics and Colinele Transilvaniei. The project is funded by Fundaţia pentru Parteneriat and MOL România, and will be taking place for 6 months, between May and October 2021. The project aims to raise awareness and involve the local community in getting to know their natural and cultural heritage as well as in preserving and promoting the protected area of Sighişoara - Târnava Mare. The region that includes the protected area of Sighişoara - Târnava Mare is unique in Europe due to its biodiversity and mosaic-like landscapes.

The main goal of the project is improving the turistic natural infrastructure by building and setting the theme pathway that connects Sighişoara and Angofa, and integrating the path in the ecotourism offer of Transylvania Highlands. Walking the pathway will be an effective way of training for the nature guides as well as a good educational experience for the local community students and for the students that visit Angofa Wildlife and Biodiversity Centre. Also, including the pathway in the ecotourism offer will bring added value and share knowledge about the cultural and natural values of the area. Our European Solidarity Corps volunteers, together with local community volunteers will be documenting and building the pathway together with a guided tour experience. The inauguration event will take place in September.