Solidarity ON AIR

Jun 2022 – Jul 2023

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Through this project we wanted to bring to the attention of the young people and the locals of Sighisoara a current tool of online promotion with the help of which extremely useful information can be transmitted regarding aspects of interest related to how to have a healthy life and what you can do to ensure your personal emotional development. We decided to learn more away local volunteers as well as international ones to use the recording equipment but also to build their own own shows to grow and develop our community. We also wanted to inspire its young people make his voice heard, to get more involved in the development of the community.

We wanted the project activities to be dedicated both to the practical organization of the initiative team and to preparation and training of our direct beneficiaries. Thus we will plan the general structure of the online shows in the form the 3 programs of the association AUM Kids Club, Mind Switch and Sighis Talks, planning the communication strategy, creating visual materials, choosing the right and cost-effective equipment, carrying out the beneficiary selection process, carrying out training and preparation sessions, recording the shows, evaluating the entire project, analyzing the results, drawing final conclusions etc.
The results of the project can be easily followed, they represent a group of 10 trained young people, 9 training sessions, 9 episodes created and uploaded on the Youtube channel of the AUM Association in the "Mind switch" and "Kids Club" playlists where they will they could be listened to and re-listened to by anyone. The most important result of the project from the point of view of sustainability is the official creation of the AUM Radio Club for young people, a club that will have a 2nd group of beneficiaries from the fall of this year.