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The project “Voices of the Next Generation: Future Decision-Makers on European Values and Citizenship” is a youth-led project which aims to reinforce the cooperation between youth organizations in order to stimulate/boost active citizenship and participation in democratic processes by supporting youngsters' development and empowering them to become active members of the European Community. During 5 Youth Exchanges and Final Conference in 2024 – 2025 on topics of sustainable Europe, media literacy, simulation of election to European Parliament, advocacy, solidarity and volunteering participants will have an opportunity to meet with different stakeholders and present them their solutions, but also to network and create new initiatives. The project deliverable will be series of 6 short-movies which will be recorded during the activities of this project and showing the vision of young people on actual issues of our societies and European values in general. The movie series also intends to engage young people in solution seeking and popularize their participation in politics and decision-making processes.

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