2020 in review!

June 08, 2021
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This is how 2020 looked for us in numbers. To these we add all the work that was done for achieving our goals (meetings, brainstorming sessions, ideas discussed, changes of plan, hundreds of hours of research/creating materials/video editing, etc.) and also all the numbers that show the appreciation received from the community (messages, online events attendance, social media likes, followers, views, collaborations and partnerships). In the "countless" category we will file all the beautiful moments and memories we now have together - how many times we laughed, how many times we stepped out of our comfort zone and how many times we felt that what we do truly matters for our community.

We are truly grateful for everyone for chosing us and coming to Sighişoara to contribute to our community's development. We have been blessed to work with such creative, talented, wonderful people that inspire us everyday. Through all our activities and projects completed succesfully together this year we've reached over 200 people (kids, teens and adults) offline and had hundreds of likes and views in online.
The year of 2020 has been a great opportunity for all of us to learn to adapt, to grow, to become more resilient, to have faith, to understand and care for ourselves and eachother a little better. Now more than ever we were able to see the importance of love, kindness and solidarity in the world. As challenging as it has been, it was also very awesome.

Click here to watch the video where Alexandra and Flori, our coordinators, talk about 2020 in review and our plans for 2021!